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Tours Guide

Kaghan Naran Valley

Naran and Kaghan are two separate but mutually connected beautiful valleys located in Pakistan. These two world’s famous valleys are well-known all around the world because of their natural beauty that attracts thousands of tourists, trekkers and photographers to visit them every year. Naran, Kaghan are said the land of lakes. Nature has blessed them with all that things that other don’t have. These places are considered a significant source of national income because of tourism.


Kaghan Naran, are located in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, district Mansehra. Distance between both valleys is of about one hour. You have to go there by Balakot that is gateway of Kaghan. Visitors have to rent jeep to cover the distance but some carry on their own resources. Now a day road system has become better than before that’s why every kind of motor can be run there to reach at destination.


Inhabitants use to speak different languages. Hindko and Gojri are popular languages. Urdu, that’s the national language of Pakistan, is also familiar among the people. There you will see many guiders who guide tourist to get their way so that they may not face problem that cause them distract.

When to go?

May is best month to visit. Snow starts melting in April and till September, it is possible to travel without much of the problem. After that all roads get covered by snow and it becomes almost impossible to travel on cars or normal ways. After that, only way is by the horses and donckeys.

Tracking, Camping and Skating

Snow attracts all visitors and tourist for tracking. Tourist takes skating rink with them to enjoy. They use tracking sticks, shoes; caps gloves and rucksack for tracking that make them feel comfortable. Many visitor prefer to stay in hotels or guesthouses but some use camp to enjoy the real beauty of nature.

Lakes in Naran, Kaghan Valley:

Saif ul Malook Lake:

It is said that fairies exist in the world that are the beautiful and charming creature. Fairy tale Lake Saiful Maluk that is 3000 feet above the naran is also considered the place where fairies descend. It is most popular and visiting lake of naran. It is said that many fairies use to visit the lake at evening from sky that enhance its beauty. And the smoky clouds, pleasant weather with wind full of fragrance attract visitors and tourists. It is surrounded by high mountains covered with green layer of grass. In winter, there is a white sheet of snow that makes the scene lovelier.

Aansu Lake:

Another beautiful lake named Aansoo Lake that is only a patch shaped as tear is also a visiting point in Naran.  It can be accessed via Saif ul Mulook or Manoor valley. This Lake is covered with snow and sometime is invisible due to fog. In summer, when snow melts, it presents more beautiful view that is impossible to describe. When it is spring it is grassy green with green shadowed water. The best time to visit is from July 10 to August 15.

Lulusar Lake:

Among the Lulusar Mountains a lake flows to southwest direction through the kaghan is named Lulusar Lake. It is situated 48 KM away from Naran. Blue and golden wild flowers are all around the lake which is the main thing that makes it lovely. It is main sourceof river Kunhar. It is a silent lake surrounded by blue flowers and white snowcapped hills that present awesome view. This lake is largest lake than others.

Dudipat Sar :

The crown of all lakes, the Dudipat Lake is one of the beautiful lakes that is situated in the lap of snow white and green grassy peaks. Its water shades green that present lovely scene. July and August are good to visit.

Lifestyle :

The Inhabitant of Naran Valley is basically Gujars. They are generous. They welcome tourist warmly with happy face. They spend a peaceful life and they earn their livelihood by tourism. They work as tourist guiders, rest house managers, shop keepers, restaurant workers, and jeep drivers. They also grow crops and some of them are shepherds. In winter season, shepherd and farmers move down to Mansehra or other hotter areas because of snow. Females are housewives and work at home.


Hardships in Naran, Kaghan:

Inhabitants have to face many problems. In winter season, there is snow everywhere. Roads and path are blocked. Water issues rise up. Different physical disease such as cold, sour throat and other skin problems attack and make people sick. Crops are ruined and it is hard to harvest any field because of snow.


Foods and other articals:

Dry fruits are plenty found there. Handicrafts are also famous. Artistically carved Walnuts and the Namdas, woolen shawls, embroidered shawls and shirts are mostly purchased by visitors. Handmade articles are also available there.



The basic necessities of life can be buying from bazar in Naran. This bazar is very colorful. Handmade articles, colorful dresses, masterpiece and other thing are displayed there beautifully. Cellular networks, mobile shops, bakery, general store, tailors barber’s shops are also there.



There are more than 100 hotels which are beautiful and easy to stay. Tourists stay there for days. Every hotel has its own packages. Some visitors book hotel online by internet and some book at the spot. Tourist inn, Dream Land Guesthouse, Heaven Rose Hotel etc are famous.


To summarize, Kaghan Naran, are great blessing of Allah. Their beauty cannot be compared to any other place.